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When a pest problem ignites in your home or business – whether it’s rodents, ants, spiders, bed bugs or any other unwanted critter – a quick response can extinguish trouble before it grows into a wildfire.


Are you tired of spraying, swatting, squishing and trapping household pests, only to have your efforts go up in smoke when the insects or rodents reappear? Most pests are persistent, and if not dealt with properly, what started as a two-alarm annoyance can quickly grow into a five-alarm blaze of infestation. If the frustration of battling pests has you seeing's time to call Hydrex. 


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When a pest problem ignites in your home or business – whether it's rodents, ants, spiders, bed bugs or any other unwanted critter – a quick response can extinguish trouble before it grows into a wildfire. Don't let an infestation of termites or rodents cause significant structural damage, or a roach or flea problem sicken your family. Instead, give Hydrex Pest Control a call, and a state-licensed technician will evaluate the situation, then take the necessary steps to eradicate the problem at its source. Also, our services don't stop when your pest troubles are stamped out. Hydrex is committed to providing your property with all-season protection against pests.

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Since 1969, the Fries family has also been protecting residential and commercial properties from pests.

Established in 1969

Qualified homeowners will receive free termite inspections on their property, so there's nothing to lose.

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Hydrex is dedicated to providing personalized & quality pest control services.

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What our customers think of us:

I called Hydrex, because we had some issues with outside American roaches getting into our house. Geronimo came out to our location and not only did a stellar job spraying around the perimeter and inside along the baseboards, he made good recommendations on what kind of service plan, if any, I should choose -- and at the best rates.        

Michael D. - Santa Monica, CA

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Hydrex has provided its customers with green pest control solutions for many years. These "green" or natural products were made for better living while keeping rodents, spiders, and other creatures out of your home. The formula for most of these ingredients is plant-based or botanical and therefore considered to be "Very Low Impact" in the low concentrations used for pest control.

Eco Zapp Green Series 

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Are you concerned about rat poisons used to keep your home critter-free? Don't be! Hydrex uses green rodent control products, meaning they are only harmful to the targeted rodents attacking your home. In addition to transmitting various diseases, these furry creatures can make a mess of your home! Rodents are notorious for leaving things behind:

~Piles of droppings

~Gnaw marks on wiring, wood or furniture

~Urine Stains

Rat Extermination

Give Hydrex a call, and one of our expert Rodent technicians will design a holistic solution appropriate for your house. Your home will be inspected for any openings that allow rodents to enter such as broken vents, holes in exterior walls, or gaps in roof flashings. After sealing these, we can then set traps in the attic or subarea to remove any rodents living within. 

In situations where baiting is appropriate, we use a product called Selontra. The active ingredient is the naturally occurring "Vitamin (D3)" that is present in all us mammals. Used in high doses, it is lethal to rodents. No more worry about chemicals and pets.